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Industry Oriented Curriculum And Exposure At Bengal Institute Of Business Studies (BIBS) Kolkata

Located in the metro city of Kolkata or Mumbai, surely gives a business school some edge in terms of the influence shown by the corporate houses and organisations. These institutes for management studies get into partnerships with reputed companies in the city, to help their students with improved industry experience and wide range of conferences. When the students of Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS), Kolkata are keen on joining certain organisation, they can visit the local offices and learn more about the working schedules. This is sure to give the candidates, better exposure in the industry, along with knowledge of the way in which such organisations operate. From such perspectives, the students of ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai are seen to be extremely lucky for building their future careers.

Through studies at ITM Business School Navi Mumbai, exposure level is quite high

In the metropolis of Mumbai, a huge number of organisations are located, with their organisational head offices present in the city. When the management students from Bengal Institute of Business Studies (BIBS), Kolkata want to get into summer training or understanding the work profile, the approach through such corporate houses becomes easier. Candidates are able to get sufficient exposure in the field of business management, when they interact directly with the industry people.

This kind of exposure keeps the students interested in studies along with the wish to develop their skills and management abilities. For this reason, the ITM Business School, Navi Mumbai brings about a good platform for the management students to learn more about the market practice and trends in management job profiles. These aspects will help students of business school, gather more experience and exposure.
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